Tutorial – Vehicles

Vehicles are strangely enough a very important aspect of gameplay. Heavily utilized because of it’s ease is a strategy called Carplay, which revolves around abusing the mechanics of how vehicles work. Once you enter a vehicle, your character cannot be damaged inside, only the vehicle itself. This makes it a good place to try to regenerate some health before fighting again. There’s also a way to instantly enter a car that will be explained in the post. Let’s get to it with the Tutorial.


  • Spawn a Vehicle of your Own
  • Drive the Vehicle 500 Meters
  • Commandeer a Vehicle

Spawn a Vehicle of your Own

These icons will show where your car might spawn onto.

Noted in the featured image above is an interesting looking machine known as a Vehicle Spawn Machine. To spawn vehicles, simply press (F) or your interact button. This requires the spawn circles to be clear of obstructions, such as another player and/or their vehicle. Your starter vehicle will be free to spawn, however, more expensive vehicles will have increasing costs, maxing out at $100 per spawn. You can also press (I) to access your inventory, and being near a machine will automatically resupply your ammunition.

Drive the Vehicle 500 Meters

WASD to accelerate, brake, and turn. Spacebar is the handbrake. If you have an activatable mod, it can be used by pressing Shift. You can also control your turn signals by pressing Q and E.

Commandeer/Hijack a Vehicle

The language for this might change depending on the faction you’re in. Any vehicles not owned by another player can be entered. Another exception to the rule are vehicles that are in other player’s missions. You can utilize the GTA method by walking in front of a car to stop the civilian from driving away (don’t worry, they have a VERY VERY low chance in running you over). You can also shoot their vehicle to force them to stop, but sometimes they ignore it.

Enforcers flash their badges while Criminals take vehicles by force. If you want to learn a neat trick, read this post about animation canceling regarding entering vehicles!

Remember to enable the “Show tutorial panel on HUD” option on the Tutorial screen so you can keep track of your progress. Your reward will be a Macchina Cosenza FTV1 which has one open slot. It is highly recommended to just keep the starter car you have as their identical, and it has a more useful Mobile Spawn Point modification in it.

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