Tutorial – Missions

The main way to unlock items in the game is to pledge to contacts, which will raise your contact level with them. You can only raise your contact levels by being in the district they belong to. Press (J) to open up the Character Info tab. Then click on the Progression tab. Each row will display the name, district, and progress.

Under the header “Organization”, there’s a dropdown menu that allows you to select the other organization that belongs to your faction. Double-click a contact, and it’ll show you to another screen, allow you to pledge to that specific contact on the bottom right.


  • Pledge to a Contact
  • Daily Activities
  • Go Ready
  • Start a Mission
  • Get Opposition
  • Capture or Assist an Objective
  • Help Kill an Enemy Player
  • Finish a Mission

Pledge to a Contact

You can utilize the method described above, press J, press on the Progression tab, double-click their name, and pledge. If you forget to pledge, the game will auto pledge for you. If you “max” out a contact, you might need to pledge to a new contact so you don’t waste missions earning XP for a contact you can’t unlock anything new with.

Daily Activities

On the same Progression tab, you can activate Daily Activities which give you Joker Tickets upon completion. On the 2nd picture above, the Daily Activity is located on the bottom left of the display.

Go Ready

Press K to ready up. That’s it.

Start a Mission

This just requires the game to put you in a mission. You’ll hear some dialogue and see some icons show up on your hud. If the mission is unopposed, you will be what is known as the attack side. Go towards the orange icon and the objective will usually require you to press (F) to interact with it. Criminals will sometimes need to shoot objectives.

Get Opposition

Good luck! You are now facing real players!

Once you see the letters APB in flashing lights in the middle of your screen, that means you have real players fighting against you in the mission. Green names are allies, red names are bad guys. Friendly fire is always on, with eligble targets being teammates, group mates, enemies, and bounties. The indications on your HUD should lead you to where you need to be.

Capture or Assist an Objective

The gameplay in APB revolves in completing objectives, and the HUD markers will indicate what you need to do. Orange markers are things you want to attack. Blue markers are things you need to defend. Purple markers are items that need to be picked up using (F) or the interact button. Gray means that it’s a neutral objective and you should try and complete the task shown.

Help Kill an Enemy Player

Time to get your hands dirty. Shoot at a red name. Do it. Fail until you succeed. Kills reward 100 points, and assists can require up to a maximum of 85 points. Assist rewards point based on the percentage of damage done to an enemy.

Finish a Mission

Each mission ends with a final stage, that is if each stage is completed all the way to the final stage. If you are on the defending team, you can defeat the opposing side by preventing them from completing their objective and running down the time for that stage.

Upon completion of this Tutorial segment, you will receive one Mobile Spawn Point modification as a reward, sent as an attachment in your mailbox.

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