Tutorial – Mail and Inventory

The second tutorial task requires you to jump into the mailbox and inventory system. As a reward, you will receive Frag Grenades as an attachment through the mail system upon completion. These grenades allow you to utilize an important strategy in flushing enemies out of cover, or finishing off an injured one.


  • Mailboxes
  • Items in Mail
  • Equipping Modifications
  • Purchase Ammo


This objective simply requires you to approach a Mailbox and interact with it by pressing (F). If you are unsure where to find a mailbox, they are usually near spawn areas by contacts. Press (M) to open up your map, and toggle the mailbox legend on the right. You can left-click the mailbox on the map to have it show up on your HUD.

Items in Mail

To complete this objective, open up the rewards mail from completing the Movement & Actions tutorial. Press the paperclip icon to retrieve your Frag Grenades.

Equipping Modifications

Move to a valid location such as a Contact, Joker Ammunition Vending Machine, or Mailbox and press (I) to open up your inventory. If there are red padlocks, and a red message stating “OUTSIDE AMMO ZONE”, you need to move closer to a valid location.

The default STAR equipped to every player does not have any open slots.

To add a weapons mod, the weapon itself needs to have an open slot. Select the eligible slot to change or insert a mod. Modifications will be limited to your current Rating, which is the number that shows your progress with Contacts in the game. Contacts need to be leveled up to unlock clothing, cars, and weapons. For example, Hunting Sight 1 requires a minimum Rating of 20 to be equippable.

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