Tutorial – Combat

Now, this is simply following the previous tutorial posts as they help you finish the IN-GAME tutorial screen. This is not meant to be a comprehensive post in teaching you all about combat. Tips and tricks will be divulged at a later time.


  • Marksmanship Mode
  • Switch Camera Shoulder
  • Leaning
  • Empty your Magazine
  • Equip your Grenades
  • Throw a Grenade
  • Use your Field Supplier

Marksmanship Mode

By default, press (Right Mouse Button) to go into marksmanship mode with a weapon. Some weapons will gain a lot of accuracy, while some will actually lose a bit of accuracy.

Switch Camera Shoulder

By default, pressing (V) will allow you to switch shoulder the camera sits on. This is very useful when you want to view around a corner without exposing your character to damage. Abuse the living heck out of this mechanic as it allows you to gain informatino without taking damage.


When utilized correctly, leaning can minimize your exposure when peeking.

By default, pressing (Q) and (E) will allow you to lean left and right, respectively. If you want to expose the minimal amount of your body on a corner, leaning will allow you show just about the upper torso, to just a bit of your head depending on what angle and height you utilize it with.

Empty your Magazine

This objective simply requires you to fire all the ammo available in weapon’s magazine. By default in every single shooting game, (Left Mouse Button) allows you to fire your weapon. Some guns, like the OSMAW will require you to hold down the fire button a few seconds before actually firing.

Empty your Grenades

Go back into the ammo zones (mailbox, contact, ammo machines) we previously discussed and equip your grenades. Simple.

Throw a Grenade

By default, you can throw grenades by pressing (G) or your (middle mouse button). You can hold the button to “cook” your grenade, which allows it to blow up sooner in the air. They have the potential to catch players offguard when timed correctly, and can land in tricky areas above certain cover.

Use your Field Supplier

Remember, field supplier leaves you completely vulnerable!

Pressing 5 with the Field Supplier you equipped earlier will allow you to deploy it, resupplying ammunition including grenades. However, this leaves the player vulnerable as they cannot shoot or move until they end the resupplying phase. Teammates close enough may also resupply. Field Supplier lasts for 30s, and has a cooldown of 120s.

Upon completion, you will receive a 10 Day Weapon Selector. This will allow you to lease a weapon for free for 10 days, so try out something new and see if it’s a playstyle you enjoy.

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