Suspicious Ban Activity (8/23/19)

On the forums, two fairly new accounts (Ozix and SPAGHETTIboy) posted that they had been mistakenly banned for cheating. The odd thing about these bans is that both accounts are very new and their post counts are low (1 to 2 posts as of now). There has been no announcement regarding any banning activity. Moderators Salubrious and Amayii responds similarly in both posts, stating that the players need to contact support rather than post on the forums.

At this time, only three accounts have discussed them, and two of them seemed to be Russian-based accounts. Not too sure about the “spaghetti” person because they have only two posts and they consist of very few words. The oddest part about this is how it seems that only Russian-based accounts are speaking up about “unfair” bans at the time.

6a6ka_HAPKOMAHKA contributes stating that “Russian-speaking” players are discussing the “wrongful bans” and saying that a majority of players are being affected by this. Since these topics are very new and the day has barely begun, we’ll have to wait and see if other accounts will mention similar issues.

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