State of APB

State of APB – November 2020

These articles won’t dive into deep details of every subject but should link to the articles made in the past that will provide more detail.

Population Health

Premium Extension

Premium has been extended for the month of November 2020. Free premium has been generously enabled since March 2020 for all platforms.

Official Blogposts

In the month of November, we saw 1 official blogpost from Little Orbit.
Fourth Open Beta & Stress Test

Fourth Open Beta & Stress Test

Blogpost announces the fourth open beta & stress test to hopefully address issues such as characters baking incorrectly, game crashing on clan invite, and assorted audio problems. The 3-hour stress test will happen on Saturday 21st from 11-2pm PT. After the 3-hour stress test, there will be the fourth open beta on Sunday 22nd starting at 9am UTC until Monday 23rd at 9am UTC.

The beta client can be downloaded here.

11/25/20 Weapons Patch

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