Return of the Weapon Prototype Districts

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TLDR: Riot Districts temporarily going down while Weapon Prototype Districts return.

Weapon testing districts are now live.

Original Post

Hello everyone,
Tonight we will be putting out a patch that will bring back Prototype Districts to test out some weapon changes. With this patch we’ll be temporarily taking down the R.I.O.T. district. You’ll see this game mode again in the future, but we want to focus some testing on the new weapon changes that we’re looking to get your feedback on. So, let’s dig in to how these districts will work for those of you that haven’t seen this before.
First of all, when you log into the game after this next update you’ll be granted the test weapons on log in – these weapons will expire on 8-28-19 at 9AM UTC. Then, there will be two different districts to choose from in the district select UI: Prototype District A and Prototype District B. Below is a list of the changes that you can see in each of the Prototype Districts. These are Open Conflict, Financial Districts. Do some missions, take out some players and have fun.
Thanks in advance for all your help testing these weapons. Please be sure to leave us your feedback in this thread.
Prototype District A:
– RFP-9 Adjustments:
     o   Health damage from 133 to 110
     o   Drop-off range from 40m to 65m
     o   Minimum damage range from 65m to 76m
     o   Magazine size from 21 to 24
– RFP-9 SD Adjustments:
     o   Health damage from 133 to 110
     o   Drop-off range from 30m to 55m
     o   Minimum damage range from 50m to 66m
     o   Magazine size from 21 to 24
– OCA Adjustments:
     o   Fire Interval from 0.092 to 0.1 seconds
     o   Accuracy Recovery from 5.675 to 5.15
     o   Overall Shot Modifier Cap from 0.65 to 0.7
Prototype District B:
– RFP-9 Adjustments:
     o   Same as Prototype District A
– RFP-9 SD Adjustments:
     o   Same as Prototype District A
– OCA Adjustments:
     o   Fire interval from 0.092 to 0.098 seconds
     o   Accuracy Recovery from 5.675 to 5.25

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