Recent Network Issues (12/20/20)

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Official Post

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I have had to address this, but recently we have had some significant network issues.

First, a couple days ago, our provider had an emergency maintenance to replace and move equipment around for our game. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get more warning, but sometimes we are at the mercy of other companies and their schedules. 

Second, and more important, we have had some bad network latency in the game. This is NOT our servers or a performance issue. This is due to an extended series of DDoS attacks that began when we announced the Open Beta for today. From the network graph below, you can see that we are consistently getting attacked for between 150 gigabits and 200 gigabits with the occasional spike up to 250 or 300 gigabits. These are big attacks. They take special rules to mitigate, and the attackers keep shifting the form of attack to make things more difficult. It’s a shame. We’re just trying to ship this new engine. Hopefully we will keep things smooth today, because these sorts of attacks skew our results and make it nearly impossible to finish the network optimization.

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