Tutorial – Movement & Actions

The movement is your typical shooter key bindings. (WASD) should be the default in character movement which will allow you to jog. Holding down (shift) while moving will allow you to sprint, but will cause your crosshair to disappear, and narrow your FOV just a little bit. Stamina exists in this game, but only as a mechanic for Enforcers in regards to Less-than-Lethal gameplay. That’ll be explained later. Sprinting has no effect on stmaina.

To jump, simply press (spacebar). Pressing (C) will cause your player to crouch. It’s probably one of the most important mechanic in the game, allowing you to utilize cover.


If you are new to the game, you’ll need to interact with the Tutorial screen, accessible by pressing (T). Your first task allows you to earn a free Field Supplier which allows you to resupply your ammunition without needing to be by a Joker Vending Machine.

You will need to:

  • Sprint for 50 meters (movement + shift)
  • Jump (spacebar)
  • Crouch (C)
  • Kick a door (F to interact)
  • Open up your map (M)

This is pretty self explanatory. Just run down somewhere random until a message displays completion. Pressing (SPACEBAR) and (C) will finish your Jump and Crouch objectives.


Press (M) to open up your map. You can toggle the markers on the right side of the screen to pop up on the map, allowing ease of navigation. Left clicking the marker on the map will display a marker on the HUD. Pressing it again will close it. The Chop Shop / Vehicle Impound is the only location able to be toggled on to have more than just one displayed on the HUD.

To kick a door, you press (F) which is your interact button. You will need to run up to the door and press your interact button. If it fails, you need to move closer. Upon completion, you will receieve one Field Supplier via mail in-game. Open up the mail and the reward will show up as the attachment.

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