Marketplace Tax Calculator

How to use?

This calculator will help you determine how much to sell an item to breakeven (not lose or gain money). This would typically be used if you wanted to help a friend buy a modification that they would not have access to. This allows your friend to acquire the modification at a slight premium.

For example, level 3 modifications would cost someone a $15,000 premium if they sold it on the marketplace.

You should be entering how much the item initially cost to buy. For example, if you bought a Level 3 Modification like “3-Point Sling 3“, you would enter $60,000 for the Initial Price box. The tax box will show you how much is lost towards tax, and the last box labeled “Set price to” will tell you how much to set your auction/buy now price at if you want to breakeven.

Another breakeven transaction with a “Nulander Pioneer Q133“, which we would enter $400,000.
$100,000 in tax would bring the total transaction to $500,000.


The trade system does not tax any $APB transactions. You can freely trade with other players and avoid the 20% tax rate.


(itemprice * 0.25) + itemprice = breakeven amount

Please correct me if this is wrong. >.>

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