How to Maximize Rate-of-Fire?

Maximizing RoF for your weapons is a simple process, but it is the consistency and translation into PvP combat that is considered the difficult aspect.

Weapons such as the Joker SR15 Carbine and the Obeya CR762 rely on semi-automatic fire which shoots every time there is a button press, unlike the N-TEC 5 or OCA-EW 626 which can be held down to shoot automatically.

Here is a simple method that I recommend to help optimize your RoF for semi-automatic weapons.

  1. Find a wall.
  2. Click as fast as you can until you notice that your button clicks no longer translate into your weapon firing.
  3. Slow down until you find that your button clicks are now translating a 1:1 ratio of clicks to your weapon firing.
  4. Continue until you think you’ve found the optimal firing rate.

Now, you need to practice maintaining the maximum RoF, while also accuracy, which includes you needing to move both your character and mouse while firing your weapon.

  1. Fire one shot at the wall or find a point on the wall that you can use as a reference point to track your accuracy and precision.
  2. Fire at your reference point, keeping in mind how close your clusters are and how much you’re able to keep your max RoF.
  3. Strafe in various directions while attempting to keep your crosshairs on the reference point.

What about Assault Rifles?

Maximizing rate-of-fire is also a thing for automatic weapons! The key concept to apply here is to “tap-fire” to maintain maximum damage while minimizing accuracy penalties.

It’s a little bit more difficult because you don’t have a hard-cap identifier other than your accuracy is completely garbage because you’re basically full-autoing it. However, if practiced and utilize correctly, you will be able to maintain a near “first-shot” accuracy for all your shots.

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