How to make money?

How to make money fast in APB Reloaded? That might have been your google search term. I’ll summarize it here if you don’t want to read the rest of it. If you’re not creative, just keep playing missions as you’ll earn money for each completed mission. Time will fly and you’ll have yourself a decent amount in due time.

If you are creative, consider making themes/songs and symbols. These have no upfront costs, and the only fee associated is the 20% marketplace tax. Designing clothing and vehicles can be more time consuming, but depending on the quality, they can fetch you a nice paycheck.


Earning money through missions in the Action District (Financial/Waterfront) is the recommended way to make money. Playing missions earns you both money and experience or progression towards a contact. Leveling up your contacts allows you to unlock specific weapons/clothing/vehicles.

Your rewards for finishing missions depend on how much you contributed. For example, if you were called in for backup in a mission that had 15 seconds left and your team won, you would gain very little in terms of rewards. The exact formula for how much you receive is unknown, only that the more you contribute in terms of killing enemy players and completing objectives, the better your rewards.

A small “bounty” amount is rewarded for each time you assist or kill an enemy player. The prestige/notoriety system has a rewards multiplier that changes depending on how high that level is.

Theme/Song Creator

A theme is the 5-second music (or noise) you hear when a player obtains mission MVP or when you die to another player. Along with clothes, themes are another way for players to express themselves.

This is a very lucrative way to make money because themes/songs are free to make and duplicating them costs no money. The only fee you encounter is the 20% marketplace tax.

This industry in APB allows for anybody who has a musical mind to make money easily. The quality of your production and how other people value your music will determine what price you should set for your music.

Just a vague idea, I was able to sell a theme for $60,000 which is the same cost as a typical level 3 modification (factoring in tax, I receive $48,000 since $12,000 is lost to marketplace tax). You can get more value for your product if it’s a custom request and/or your customer is the person with the only copy of that product.

Symbol Designer

Symbols help give life to the APB world and allow players to express themselves through unique clothing, vehicles, and graffiti sprays.

Being a symbol designer shares the same traits as a theme/song creator. Your product costs nothing to create and you’re able to duplicate them for free. The only fee you encounter is the 20% marketplace tax.

This is also another industry in APB that relies on the strength of your creativity. Unfortunately, I have no good estimate on what symbols can go for. However, you can look at other symbols on the marketplace to find a good place to set your price point.

Clothes Designer

In the city of San Paro, skill doesn’t mean much if you don’t have style. Unlike the previous categories, being a clothing designer does have a cost in making the product. Symbols can be applied for free, however, the clothing pieces themselves do cost money.

Vehicle Designer

You can either stay undercover and have your personal vehicle blend in with the environment, or customize it to your taste. Red hot flames, skulls, and flowers, nothing is out of the realm in terms of customizing your car.

Being a vehicle designer is more expensive as costs scale in terms of how many modification slots are in the car.

For example, a Nulander Pioneer Q133 is a vehicle with 3 modification slots and costs $400,000 to buy. To make back the money you invested in the vehicle, you would have to sell the vehicle on the marketplace for at least $500,000. If not, you lose money.

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