Fastest Method to Enter Vehicles (animation canceling)

This article is going to be about a video I posted back on October 18, 2018. It attempts to find the fastest way to enter a vehicle, given that you aren’t able to instantly enter it, and that it’s an occupied civilian car. It also looks at how animation canceling performs. EMPTY CARS will always be the fastest to enter. Below is an example of how your car should be set up for you to be able to insta-enter it. Essentially, you need to have a small wedge of space that doesn’t allow your character to physically touch the door, but still interact with it.

Leave yourself a small wedge to be able to see the door, and you should be able to skip the vehicle entering animation.
Instantly enter your car!

However, if this option is not available and you need to get into a vehicle quick to beat the opposition to the other objective, the following will explain which method is fastest and/or safest.


Four methods were put to the test, however, the experiment could use more trials and better methods. This was a quick and dirty test and I’m confident that these numbers are accurate enough to be considered. The time is measured from animation start to acceleration of the vehicle. These will be listed in the order of fastest time to slowest.

#1 Control (1.5s)

Control refers to entering a completely empty car. This is the benchmark of how much time it takes from entering a vehicle to acceleration. Entering an empty car is always going to be the fastest way without being able to insta-enter.

#2 Passenger Side Door (3.04s)

Since there are no passenger civilians in the game, you benefit from being able to avoid needing to manually cancel an animation to enter a vehicle. Despite it being faster, you need to keep in mind if the current combat scenario allows you to choose which door to enter a vehicle. For example, if you’re receiving gunfire from the passenger side door, it makes no sense to run around to that side of the car to try to enter it.

#3 Driver Side Door Animation Cancel (3.29s)

This refers to canceling the animation with a civilian which causes them to disappear and allows you to skip the “commandeering/carjacking animation”. This method saves about ~1 second in animation time compared to waiting for the animation.

#4 Driver Side Door Enter with Animation (4.29s)

This refers to the default animation of entering a car WITH a civilian inside. You wait out the entire animation. On average, this method is rarely used by veterans unless they’re making some edgy APB Reloaded montage that for some reason needs a vehicle entering scene. This takes the longest.


There are multiple things that I should have tried to track or experimented with. More trials would have increased accuracy. Also, if there was a way to find the exact frame of invulnerability, or when the game considers you a part of the vehicle.

TLDR: If you can, try to find an empty civilian car. The fastest way of entering a car is if it’s empty. Entering from the passenger side will take a little longer cause you have to do the passenger-butt-scoot-to-driver-side animation. Animation canceling does actually help save time.

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