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APB’s brand and intellectual property have been sold to a Hong Kong-based company which plans to develop and launch an APB mobile game that will launch in the Asian market, eventually expanding to the rest of the world. They state difficulties in developing both APB Reloaded and “APB2” (engine upgrade = APB2?) and that the Australian team was “struggling to get their head around the massive amounts of tech…”

This sounds very similar to the expansion towards PS4 and Xbox One consoles in collaboration with Deep Silver. The fact that there is little known about this Hong Kong company is a little bit…worrying. There used to exist an APB mobile game but that has been taken off the app stores awhile ago. The strategy to advertise the APB brand into the Asian market makes sense as you can advertise to a huge population, but APB’s track record of expanding hasn’t been the best.

I’ve tried searching for a “Unit Game” company, but there seem to be no search results. The only references are within the press release and the forum post itself. But even the quote from the CEO of Unit Game doesn’t state their name, while Matthew Scott’s name is shown. The Hong Kong’s company described in the press release only refers to the website in which it’s visual design looks…questionable. I do want to preface this next question I have with the statement that I don’t know how IP stuff works. But if LO sold the IP, does that mean they’re no longer looking to try and license the game again, such as past companies like Hoplon and Innova?

In the forum post, this supposedly means Little Orbit retains ALL creative control, development, and oversight regarding the future of the current game. There will be no change in management. Supposedly, everything is going to keep chugging along like it has been for the past decade.

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