APB 2020 Recap

A personal message-

2020 was something else. A pandemic affected millions of lives and changed every day life for most if not all. Wikpedia has labeled COVID-19 significance as it left it’s mark on 2020 “which has led to global social and economic disruption, mass cancellations and postponements of events, worldwide lockdowns and the largest economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.” Numerous protests breaking out worldwide over police brutality and systemic racism.

Climate change has also remained a topic of concern as the World Meteorological Organization has stated this past decade at the warmest decade on record. Things are getting scarier, but I really think it has highlighted the most admirable aspect of human beings. The ability to adapt and persevere. The internet has played an ever important role as it’s consistent provider of knowledge, and it’s function of being able to help people connect with others regardless of distance.

I appreciate and admire everyone’s willpower through these interesting times and want to say that these efforts and choices are more important than ever. I hope 2021 will bring you new experiences, tons of friends, and hopefully a return back to the “before times” when it’s safe to do so.

Happy New Year!

Below is a recap of notable events that happened in 2020 regarding APB Reloaded and it’s development. If there’s something that I missed or you think should be noted, please feel free to leave a comment below .

January 5

  • Community manager changes from Lixil to Sakebee. (link) (link 2)

January 6

  • Halloween 2019 items removed from ARMAS. (link)

January 13

  • Patch to remove 2019 Christmas content and add a bundle that includes everything except the titles. (link)

January 15

  • SakeBee gathers input on 2018 shotgun changes. (link)

January 27

  • Can no longer get Heat 5 during a mission. Shotgun testing on Asylum. Introducing N-TEC changes. (link)

January 31

  • Searching for GMs. (link)

February 3

  • Love Patch – Add’s 2020 Valentine’s event, consolidates shotgun feedback from testing. Some ARMAS additions. (link)

February 5

  • Threat re-enabled for servers – trying to figure out when it was disabled. (link)

February 17

  • Patch to remove 2020 Valentine’s event. Region tags added to district select. (link)

February 25

  • Fixes for various issues related to Regions. (link)

March 2

  • Joker Madness patch that increases drop rate and amount of Joker Tickets from opposed missions in March. Shotguns changes. (link)

March 9

  • JMB 23 added that features the slug shotgun RHD LS1 “Corsair”. (link) (link 2)

March 13

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19 update. Free premium is enabled. (link)

March 21

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19 update #2. Mentions an improvement to a 4 day response time regarding support tickets. (link)

March 23

  • Reverting back-end changes that may have introduced extra latency. (link)

March 30

  • Easter patch that adds an easter event. Removed chance to receive 0 Joker Tickets from missions. Radar Tower Car Mod disabled. Items added to Joker Store. 100 JT added to all JMBs. (link)

April 6

  • Cleaned up some localization files for more accurate in-game text. (link)

April 7

  • Citadel servers hit by a DDOS attack. (link)

April 9

  • Fixed issue where Heat 5 icons are appearing where they shouldn’t. (link)

April 11

  • Beta stream announcement. (link)

April 13

  • Patch to remove 2020 Easter event. (link)

April 18

  • APB 2.1 Beta Q&A stream highlights. (link)

April 20

  • Patch to add 420 symbols to ARMAS. (link)

April 27

  • Patch to remove Easter content from ARMAS. (link)

April 28

  • Premium extended for the month of May. (link)

May 12

  • Added Gun Game variants to the game. (link)

May 18

  • Reddit Open Beta AMA. (link)

May 28

  • Premium extended for the month of June. (link)

May 31

  • Anti-cheat update. Moving away from Easy Anti-cheat, noting issues with server side integration. Switching to BattlEye. Also announces that players should disable macros and scripts. (link)

June 5

  • Community standards forum post, regarding the recent BLM movement. (link) (link 2)

June 8

  • Joker renovation patch. Official change from EAC to BattlEye. Joker Store UI updated, character gun trials added. (link)

June 10

  • BattlEye FAQ. (link)

June 11

  • Joker Employee design challenge. 10 characte designs, each winner receives 5000 JTs. (link)

June 15

  • Fixed missing contact rewards list. (link)

June 16

  • 10th anniversary of APB. Players who logged in between June 24th and July 8th will receive a set of the 10th anniversary clothing. (link)

June 22

  • Legendary beta patch. Joker Mystery Boxes are removed. Legendaries now acquirable with Joker Tickets. Public Open Beta announced June 6/27/20. (link)

June 25

  • Premium extended for the month of July. (link)

June 26

  • Word of caution regarding the Open Beta. (link)

June 27

  • Open Beta being called off, issues with player connections to world server. (link) (link 2) (link 3)

June 29

  • 10th Anniversary Stream VOD. Announces the winners of the Joker Employee design contest. (link) (link 2)

June 30

  • Forum names causing issues on the backend. (link)

July 2

  • BattlEye adjusted to allow for permanent bans automatically. (link)

July 6

  • Un-Anniversary Patch to remove 10th Anniversary celebration content. Spotter mod changed, event items to be removed from ARMAS. (link)

July 13

  • BattlEye clarification post. (link)

July 14

  • APB media page contains 14 new wallpapers. (link)

July 27

  • Second Open Beta announced. (link)

July 28

  • Premium extended for the month of August. (link)

July 31

  • Mission balancing and adjustments. VIP missions require a group minimum of 3 players. Mission timers adjusted. Mobile cover is now an orange character modification. Remote Detonator cooldown increased to 90s. (link)

August 17

  • Community poll to choose between kills/takeouts or territory control for Baylan Shipping fight club. (link)

August 17

  • Patch to address the bugs in the Mission Impossible patch. Added option to globally disable death themes. (link)

August 21

  • Anti-cheat discussion, responding to those who think BE isn’t working as well as EAC. (link)

August 24

  • Premium extended for the month of September. (link)

September 11

  • Weapon balance. Ursus, OCA, PMG, CAP40, FAR, ATAC, NTEC, SNR 850, OBIR, PIG, HVR 243 Scout, HVR 762, S1-NA Manic, Joker SR-15 Carbine, ACT 44, Colby RSA, N-ISSR-B. Jump shooting and ammo capacity changes. (link)

September 14

September 16

  • Style month hotfix. (link)

September 28

  • Minor patch to fix incorrect prices in Joker Distribution store. Addressed a bug that caused some players to experience a BattlEye service version error. (link)
  • Premium extended for the month of October. (link)

October 19

Halloween Patch announcement. Added Headless Horseman, Pumpkin Hunting, and Trick and Treat events. Weapon changes involving Colby SNR 850, OBIR and FFA, Colby CSG-20, R-2 ‘Harbinger’, Firework Launcher, Epinephrine Injector, N-TEC-5 and N-TEC-Scope. (link)

October 21

Third Open Beta announcement. AVX removed. “…first step towards transitioning the 2.1 client to live.” (link)

October 24

MattScott addressing rough start for Open Beta #3. (link)

October 27

Costume patch announcement. Community costumes added to the Joker Distribution store. (link)

November 2

Premium extended for the month of November. (link)

November 18

Fourth Open Beta announcement. Includes several fixes such as incorrectly baked characters, clan invites causing crashes and audio problems. (link)

November 23

Patch concerning weapon balance. Percussion grenades, PIG, R-2 ‘Harbinger’, Tommy Gun, PMG, OCA, N-HVR 243 ‘Scout’, N-HVR 762, AR-97 ‘Misery’, Colby RSA, Scoped N-TEC 5. (link)

December 1

Premium extended for the month of December. (link)

December 17

Fifth Open Beta announcement. Addressed issues related to switching graphics options. Addressed issues regarding vehicles rendering and popping in, and also positional audio. Fixed some screen tearing in some of the UI. Clan invites and related features should work properly without chat commands. (link) (link 2)

December 20

Provider with an emergency maintence, disrupting APB server uptime. Increase in DDoS activity. (link)

December 22

Holiday Event 2020 patch. Beacon reintroduced, three different minigames to play including Dev Gun Game, 12 Deaths of Xmas, and Holiday Cheer. Added a few new holiday titles. (link)

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