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Ah. The true currency of San Paro. Gold gets moved around but it’s another kind of metal that does the movement. Here, you’ll find out the various ways you can resupply the never-ending demand of your weapons.

Field Supplier

Resupplying leaves you vulnerable! Resupplying in the open = bad.

There are two types of Field Suppliers. You have your basic one, and then there’s the Wide Radius variant. The original Field Supplier lasts for 30s, has a cooldown of 120s, and is available from the start. The Wide Radius Supplier requires a Rating of 195, doubles the radius of the resupply zone, lasts 20s, and shares a cooldown of 120s.

Resupply Boxes

This thing goes boom if it gets too many ouchies. Be careful.

Resupply Boxes come in medium and large sizes. The medium variant can be bought at the Joker Distribution store in the Social District. It lasts until it is deprived of resources and has a cooldown of 45s. The large version is earned by random drops after the completion of missions. The ammo boxes are prone to exploding if critically damaged, so be careful of it’s placement.

Mobile Supply Units

Mobile Supply Unit is a modification that allows a vehicle to become an Ammo Zone. It never runs out of suppliable ammo, but will no longer be active if the vehicle is destroyed. The modification also has the penalty of -3 cargo size which could potentially make your vehicle useless if items need to be transported.

“Ammo Zones”

I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I don’t need it.

These ammo zones include Contacts, Ammo Vending Machines, and Car Spawners. Since resupply is automated, just get close enough to the object and you should start seeing a circle displaying the progress.

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