Advanced APB Launcher

The link provided in the article is from the official blog post in this link

The Advanced APB Launcher is a tool made by USPStyle and can be downloaded from the official link here. This is only available on PC, and will eventually be phased out once the options are integrated into the game itself. The launcher allows you to adjust texture sizes, render distances, and other graphical options.

Approved Launchers

This is the only launcher that’s temporarily approved at the moment, as Little Orbit will attempt to integrate these options into future iterations of the game. An announcement made on 8/27/19 stated that some players were using a disallowed launcher that allowed you to modify more than what they felt comfortable with. Little Orbit will proceed to unban these players based on the false advertisement and association as a supported launcher for APB. Again, click on the link above to download through the forum post or the link provided at the top of the page.

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